Michael Gove - Loads of Hot Sex

The words. The images.

Turn a Raspberry Pi into an FM transmitter

Something very interesting to try out, especially if you are somewhere it is legal to transmit FM signals!

Funkadelic - Flashlight (Live in Houston, 1978)

Funkadelic playing live, bringing down the spaceship. Just listen to that bassline. It's huge, loud, distorted and so very very funky. Like it's being played by a 5,000 foot high robot made of bass notes, echo and funk. Perfect.

The Beastie Boys chase Madonna with water guns

Great historic meeting, involving water guns

Steve Martin wins at Twitter

Goodbye Google Reader

So Google Reader is going. It's a shame, I've had so much use out of it, but in the last couple of years I've almost completely stopped. I just use Twitter now. To me, part of the art of Twitter is to follow enough of the right people so that you probably won't miss a story that would interest you. Groupthink determines if like minds will bubble the important to my attention. It does save me a lot of time reading things I don't want to to read.

New Year's walk in South Park


My Dream Application

Write, publish and read in one place. Writing. Twitter. Email. Facebook. Blogging. MSN. IRC. etc

I am several personas. I want to write things. I then want to send them to selected audiences.

I am a reader. I want to read some or all of what my selected audiences write.

I am a person. I want to talk to people.

The things that are stopping me from doing all of these are protocols/APIs/rules/T&Cs.

I'd like one app that lets me do all these things. Please.

Terminal window in Netbeans 7

I've just started using the beta of the Netbeans 7 IDE. There are a few sharp new little features in there. The HTML5 support is much needed, but a nice one I've just found is the ability to launch a Terminal window (in Linux and on OSX). Just go to Window > Output > Terminal.

Setting up a robust development environment for WordPress

For a while now I've been wanting to create a better development environment for myself for working on my WordPress blogs, and other php projects too. I thought that in itself, this would be a good project to blog about as I set it up, explain and justify what I'm doing, see what other people are doing in similar areas for comparison. Also it might be helpful to people wanting to set up such an environment for themselves, or who want to set up an element of it.